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Gingivitis or bleeding gums is an inflammation caused in the mouth. It affects the tissues surrounding teeth and gums. A periodontal disease, gingivitis may turn into serious tooth problems, if not treated on time. It can also lead to the destruction of bone and tooth loss. Gingivitis is caused due to plaque, bacteria and food particles accumulation between the gums and teeth. Though this might look a menial affair, the accumulation emits toxic elements. These elements, in turn, cause the inflammation of the gums. Some of the symptoms of gingivitis are painful gums, bleeding while brushing, red gums, swollen gums, tender gums, bad breath and bad taste in mouth.

Put 5 gm dried marigold flower heads into 1 liter boiling water. Infuse for 5 minutes and strain. Gargle with the warm infusion 2-3 times a day.
  • Marigold flower
  • Use herbal toothpaste that contains peppermint oil, sage oil, babul, neem, holy basil and also use some antibacterial mouth wash for reducing pain and swelling.
  • The person who suffers in Gingivitis should take low saturated fats like fresh fruits and green vegetables.
  • Avoid some diet like sugar, fruit juices, soft drinks, carbohydrate containing foods, rice etc.
  • Rub baking soda solution on the affected area. This will help in removing bacteria.
  • Rub Aloe Vera gel on the gums and then gargle with water.
Other Remedies
  • Prepare strong chamomile tea or look for chamomile in toothpaste. If drinking chamomile in tea form, drink a cup in between meals or use it as a mouthwash. Chamomile can reduce inflammation and bacteria caused by gingivitis.
  • Rub your gums with sesame or coconut oil or drink diluted lemon juice to soothe bleeding and receding gums caused by gingivitis. Also by eating raw apples, pears and melons, you can soothe bleeding and receding gums caused by gingivitis.
  • Take a pinch of salt and add it to a glass of lukewarm water to make a homemade saline solution. Rinse your mouth with this solution once in morning and once in evening.
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