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Yeast Infection

Yeasts are small organisms that thrive on the human body in small numbers. Medically known as candida fungus, it can affect any body part, be it underarms, between the toes, and so on. However, yeast is mostly seen affecting the genital area of both men and women. Reduction in the immunity level of the body, consumption of certain antibiotics, stress, menstrual periods, diabetes and consumption of birth control pills are the leading causes of yeast infections. Some of the most common symptoms of the infection are itching and burning in the vagina/genital area, swelling, itching, and burning of the skin around the vagina/genital area, vaginal discharge, discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse and burning sensation during urination.

Yeast Infection
Prepare a mixture of the pulp of a single banana and the juice of a gooseberry (amla). Flavor it with sugar. Eat this mixture once a day to heal the yeast infection.
Yeast Infection
  • Banana
  • Juice of gooseberry
Yeast Infection
  • Do not eat foods that may lead to constipation when there are vaginal itch problems. These include spicy, oily and hot foods. Constipation makes the problem of yeast infection much more severe.
  • Do not use deodorants or strong perfumes especially near the genitals or other sensitive areas, as this will worsen the infection and will become much painful.
  • Wear comfortable cotton undergarments.
  • Wear properly washed dry clothes. Dry your body properly and wear clean and dry clothes.
Other Remedies
Yeast Infection
  • Regularly daub apple cider vinegar in the areas prone to this infection. Your can add some garlic to stop the itchy feeling; and water to dilute the vinegar concentration.
  • Curd or yogurt is regarded as one of the best home remedies. In fact, it is advisable to soak a tampon into curd and place it in the infected region for at least an hour. Basically, the healthy required bacteria from the curd will replace the unhealthy yeast bacteria. This could be repeated twice to thrice a day.
  • Drink at least two glasses of buttermilk a day, whether infected or not. In fact making curd a part of the daily diet intake reduces the probability of yeast infection.
  • Mixture of olive leaf extract with grapefruit seed extraction and a glass of water is a good curative tonic for this infection.
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