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Cystitis is a condition in which bacteria have entered the bladder, causing it to become infected and inflamed. Bacteria can invade the bladder through the external urinary meatus, or infection of the bladder can be secondary to an infection in another location of the urinary tract. Although Cystitis itself is generally not a disabling condition, it can be a serious complication for individuals with chronic illness or disability. Symptoms of Cystitis include frequent urination even though the bladder may not be full and painful urination.

Using drumstick flowers for treating cystitis has been a common practice. You can mix a teaspoon of fresh drumstick flowers juice with half a glass of coconut water and drink it twice a day. Drumstick flowers can help by drawing extra fluid out of the system. The antibiotic property of drumstick flower can also help in reducing pain and infection.
  • Drumstick flowers
  • Coconut water
  • Increase Vitamin C Intake: Vitamin C can help in checking the bacterial growth by creating an acidic environment inside the bladder and the urinary tract.
  • Drinking Plenty of Water: Drinking plenty of water helps not only in cleaning the urethra but also in removing bacteria from the system.
  • Clean Your Genital Areas: Regular cleaning of genital areas anus and vagina can help in keeping bacterial infections at bay.
  • Cold Compress: You can also try applying cold compressors to the stomach. It can help in relieving congestion in the pelvic area and in healing wounds.
  • It is necessary that during cystitis, sexual intercourse should be avoided as much as possible.
Other Remedies
  • Spinach is very effective in treatment of cystitis. You can mix 100 ml of spinach juice in 100 ml of coconut water and drink it two twice in a day to get relief form the symptoms of cystitis. Among other home remedies for cystitis , this one is very effective.
  • Lady Fingers are also useful in cystitis. Bring fresh ladyfingers and cut them into small pieces, then add double the amount of water into it. Allow this to boil together for some time. Taking this decoction twice a day will give relief form the abdominal pain caused by cystitis.
  • One more of the very effective home remedies for cystitis involve lemon . Add one teaspoon of lemon juice in one glass of water and drink this limewater after every two hours. This will give fast relief from the burning sensations and will also cure the bleeding problems, if any.
  • Prepare juice from radish leaves and drink about one cup of this juice daily morning for about two weeks.
  • Mix half glass of buttermilk in half glass of barley gruel . Add some lemon juice to give it a better taste. This will help in treating the urinary bladder problems.
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