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Conjunctivitis or pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin transparent membrane under the sides of both upper and lower eyelids which covers the white portion of the eye. It could occur due to bacterial or viral infection or an allergic reaction to contact lens, cosmetics or pollen. It spreads from person to person through direct contact. This is a very common form of eye trouble.
  • Red and itchy eyes.
  • Watery secretion from the eyes.
  • Pus formation also which dries during sleep, making the eyelashes stick together.
  • Grittiness sensation.
  • Pain and burning sensation in the eyes.

Dissolve alum in rose water and keep this in a clean closed glass bottle. Put 2 drops in each eye 4 times a day.
  • Alum 1/4 gram
  • Rose water 50 ml
  • Take scrupulous care to wash hands before and after touching the eyes.
  • Wear dark glasses when going out.
  • Keep your clothes, towels, cosmetics separately from others.
  • Avoid excessive intake of starchy and sugary foods like refined cereals, confectionery, meat etc.
  • Do not rub or press the eye balls.
Other Remedies
  • Make a decoction prepared with a handful of dried coriander in 50 ml of water. Wash your eyes several times a day with this.
  • Boil chamomile tea in warm water and allow it to cool. Soak a cloth in it and keep over your eyes.
  • Have a cup of Indian gooseberry juice (Amla) mixed with two teaspoon of honey, twice a day.
  • Soak Triphala powder in a glass of water for half an hour. Now boil this mixture till the quantity is reduced to half of the original. Filter this with fine cloth. Use this filtered liquid to wash your eyes three to four times daily.
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