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Measles is an eruptive, infectious disease of childhood. It spreads rapidly from one child to another. It is caused by a kind of virus which spreads from one person to another through breathing. Its major symptoms are sneezing by a child, running nose, red eyes and continuous dry cough with a grating sound. The child continues to cough for a long time. The temperature in fever rises to 103-104 degrees. Within three days of the development of fever, there appear red eruptions on the face and chest. After the eruptions subside, the fever and cough also begin to subside.

Turmeric roots are to be dried under the sun and then this needs to be grinded in powdered form; make a combination of one teaspoon honey, teaspoon turmeric powder, and fresh juice of bitter gourd leaves.
  • Turmeric roots
  • Honey
  • Bitter gourd leaves.
  • The child should be kept in a well ventilated room. As light has a detrimental effect upon the eyes during measles because of the weakened condition of the external eye tissues, the child should have his eyes shaded or the room should have subdued light.
  • The treatment should aim at bringing down the temperature and eliminating the toxins from the system. This can be achieved by administration of a warm water enema every morning. Application of mud packs on the abdomen twice a day in the morning and evening, and repeated application of chest packs.
  • Lukewarm water baths can be given every day to ease itching. Addition of extracts of neem leaves to this water will prove beneficial.
Other Remedies
  • Having fresh orange juice, when struck with measles, is a good way to get healthy once again. Intake about two glasses of the juice per day.
  • Barley water is beneficial in treating measles. Consume a glass of this on daily basis.
  • Eggplant seeds are effective in curing measles. Take 1/2 to 1 gram of these seeds everyday, for about three days.
  • Mix equal amounts of tamarind seeds and turmeric and grind it well. Have this mixture, in a dose of 350 to 400 grams, three times a day.
  • Having a balanced diet is essential in treating measles. Avoid having milk products, spicy food and junk foods.
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