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Mumps or Parotitis is an acute communicable disease of viral origin. It is characterized by painful enlargement of the salivary glands and occasional involvement of the gonads, meninges, pancreas and other organs. This disease occurs more frequently in children between the ages of five and 15 years. It spreads from one child to another in schools. Babies are immune to this disease. The onset of typical parotitis is usually sudden. It may be preceded by lack of appetite , chilly sensation, feverishness, sore throat and tenderness at the angle of the jaw. The pain is first felt under one ear with stiffness of the neck and jaw. There is a slight fever which subsides in three or four days. The swelling appears first under one jaw and then extends under the other jaw. The gland becomes tender on pressure. On account of the pressure of the swelling, the patient feels much difficulty in talking, in mastication and swallowing of food.

The seeds of asparagus and fenugreek are beneficial in treating mumps. Take equal proportions of asparagus and fenugreek seeds and grind them. Adding some water, make a paste out of it. Apply this paste over the swellings to get relief.
  • Asparagus and fenugreek seeds
  • A person suffering from mumps is unable to swallow; hence an all liquid diet is important. Boil a cup of rice in approximately 2 cups of water and give the patient the water from rice. It is rich in starch and forms a healthy nutritious meal.
  • Add a spoon of clarified butter to the water and a pinch of salt. Avoid spices completely. Fruit juices are a good meal option as well; however citrus fruits are acidic and must be avoided as they burn the throat when you are suffering from mumps.
  • Spices such as ginger, garlic and black pepper help to relieve the pain in the throat. You may add these spices to any liquid preparation.
  • Just like other viral infections, mumps also have a high transmission rate. So it is advisable to keep and wash the utensils of the affected person separately.
  • It is also advised to avoid physical contact with the patient.
  • Since some strains of paramyxovirus can be passed through urine, it is important to keep the clothing separate and wash them separately.
  • The neck should not be exposed to cold winds. Cover it with a scarf or a shawl.
Other Remedies
  • The most important is the use of chebulic myrobalan (Harad or haritaki). A thick paste should be made from this herb by rubbing in water and can be applied over the swelling.
  • The leaves of peepal tree are also used as an effective home remedy for this disease. These leaves should be smeared with ghee and warmed over a fire. They should then be bandaged over the inflamed part.
  • The use of the herb Indian aloe (ghee kunwar or musabbar) is a well known remedy for inflamed and painful part of the body. A part of a leaf of this herb should be peeled on one side and sprinkled with a mixture of turmeric (haldi) and extract of Indian barberry (rasaut) and bandaged over the swelling after warming.
  • The use of dry ginger (saunth) is considered beneficial in the treatment of mumps. It should be ground to a paste and applied over the swollen parts. As the paste dries, the swelling will reduce and the pain will also subside.
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