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Alcoholism refers to addiction to alcohol. It is a chronic disorder, in which a person is unable to refrain from frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol for physical or psychological reasons. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed alcoholism as one of the three most deadly killer diseases of the 20th century. Alcoholism is also one of the most serious social problems. It often brings poverty and certain amount of crime and results in marital unhappiness and broken homes. It also leads to numerous traffic accidents.

Take out juice of the leaves of bitter gourd. Have three teaspoons of this juice with one glass of buttermilk every morning on an empty stomach. This will be effective in treating alcoholism.
  • Bitter gourd
  • Buttermilk
  • Patient suffering from alcoholism should take proper rest.
  • He should not take any type of stress and keep himself busy in simple but constructive work.
  • It is advisable for the patient to live only on fruit juice. This may continue for 10-12 days, later his diet should be rich in whole grains, cereals, green vegetables and fruits. All this will lower his carving for alcohol.
  • Avoid heavy fatty and oily foods.
  • The patient should get support and love from his family members and friends to give up alcoholism.
Other Remedies
  • All in all grape diet for a month is the best remedy to avoid alcoholism.
  • Apples are also helpful in avoiding such a condition.
  • Paste of 4 to 5 date palms in a glass of water can be mixed and consumed to get rid of alcoholism.
  • One should consume good nutritious diet to avoid the temptation of drinking alcohol.
  • One should consume sugar candy or eat something he likes to avoid suppress the temptation to consume alcohol.
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