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 Home Remedies

Let food be your medicine! In India, food has been used to cure minor ailments for years. Learn how you can cure aches and
pains, lifestyle conditions, minor skin and hair problems and common ailments at home!
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Boils are nothing, but a skin disease, caused by the infection of hair follicles. The problem is usually caused by Staphylococcus, a strain of bacterium that normally lives on the skin surface. While some boils which come and fade away on their own, without causing any trouble, others last a long time and cause pain and irritation. Face, shoulders, back, buttocks and underarms are the regions where boils usually occur. Boils do not come instantly. At first, the affected area becomes red and soft. There may be an itching sensation as well. Slowly, the boil begins to form. The bacteria that causes boils might also mix with the white blood cells, resulting in the formation of pus.

The pungent onion has antiseptic chemicals and acts as an antimicrobial and irritant to draw blood and "heat" to the boil. Cut a thick slice of onion and place it over the boil. Wrap the area with a cloth. Change the poultice every three to four hours until the boil comes to a head and drains.
  • Onion
  • Do not squeeze or break the boil open, no matter how tempting that may be. Give the boil time to come to a head and rupture on its own. If you take matters into your own hands, you risk spreading the infection and creating more painful problems.
  • Do wash any towels, compresses, or clothes that have touched the boil. Otherwise, you can spread the infection.
  • Do not buy over-the-counter products that claim to draw out the fluid in boils. These just irritate the boil and cause it to burst prematurely. This can cause the bacteria-infested pus to spread in the body and possibly get into the bloodstream.
Other Remedies
  • Prepare a paste of powdered cumin seeds in water and gently apply it over the boils. This too helps in fast release of puss by killing germs and weakening the boils.
  • Betel leaves are also a common remedy for the treatment of boils. Take 3-4 betel leaves and boil in water till they become soft. Gently put 2-3 drops of caster oil over them. Cover boils with these leaves.
  • One of the commonly used home remedies for boils is turmeric. Roast turmeric powder in low flame. Take 4-5 tablespoon of roasted turmeric powder and make a paste using water. Apply it gently over the boils. It will help in maturing the boils and hence fast release of germs and puss.
  • Boil 15-20 margosa (neem) leaves in 1/2 liter of water. Allow it to boil until the mixture reduces to 1/3 of its constituent. Allow the mixture to cool and gently apply it to the boils. This will open up the mouth and help in fast release of puss. Repeat this for a week.
  • Parsley leaves are also used in treating boils. Boil parsley leaves, till they become soft. Wrap the boiled leaves in clean perforated cloth and put it over the boils. This will help in release of puss by opening boil's mouth.
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